Vestas capabilities

9,206 views November 13, 2013
Lost Production Factor

A case study of lost production factor, illustrating the predictability and business case certainty provided by the 2 MW platform.

4,903 views November 12, 2013
SiteHunt® and SiteDesign®

Vestas siting services can help you evaluate potential wind sites and optimize the layouts of your wind power plants.

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Power Plant Solutions

An introduction to Vestas capabilities in project planning, procurement, construction and operation & maintenance.

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Electrical PreDesign

Electrical PreDesign offers you optimal cost-effective and robust design of electrical components of your wind power plant

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Proven Technology

The 2 MW-Class has more than 9700 turbines installed, making it the world’s most proven turbine.

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Lost Production Factor

The 2 MW-Class has an average Lost Production Factor no one in the industry can match – just 1.8%

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Testing the chemistry of blades

A small laboratory in Denmark puts the chemicals which go into Vestas’ blades to the test. Watch a short video demonstrating just how science is con...