Vestas' History

456 views November 16, 2020
75 years of the Vestas brand

This month, the Vestas brand turns 75 years old! Vestjysk Stålteknik A/S, the precursor to the Vestas brand, was registered on 10th November 1945. Wa...

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10 views December 06, 2022
V166-4.5 MW™.mp4

1,950 views June 08, 2022
Modularity - Modularised Nacelle

2,585 views May 16, 2022
V163-4.5 MW™.mp4

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23 views December 05, 2022

E02 video with Japanese subtitles for Japanese website

27 views December 05, 2022

E01 Nacelle video with Japanese subtitles for Japanese website

1,862 views November 16, 2022
Episode 2 - The Blade

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6,966 views August 06, 2020
100 GW of wind turbines under service

Combining smart data capabilities with unique operational and technical insights, Vestas now has more than 100 GW of capacity-under-service, reinforci...

10,498 views September 29, 2016
Vestas BladeCare™ - Drone Inspections

As part of Vestas BladeCare™, we offer advanced drone inspections, allowing you to inspect blades both faster and safer. Combined with an ins...

5,704 views November 11, 2021
Vestas Drone Inspections

Since 2016, Vestas and InspecTools have partnered in North America on drone inspections to reduce both inspection costs and safety risks.

Vestas in Formula E

2,636 views September 08, 2019
Vestas in Formula E

Vestas to be Principal Partner of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team

1,339 views September 10, 2019
Story behind Vestas Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team

"We join a global iconic brand that is known within the whole sporting and auto industry for an absolutely outstanding legacy". Together with Mercede...

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107 views September 20, 2022
Vestas x Lukas Graham - The Future

Interview with Jimmi Riise - SVP of Global Live Events, Universal Music

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8,950 views February 11, 2020
Vestas - Sustainability in everything we do [EN subtitles]

With EN subtitles. In February 2020, we launched our first Sustainability Strategy, entitled Sustainability in Everything We Do. Committing to ambitio...

5,822 views March 09, 2021
Sustainability for Kids #1

Where does wind come from? And how can we capture wind to generate energy? Learn how wind turbines capture wind and generate clean and sustainable ...

5,670 views March 09, 2021
Sustainability for Kids #2

How does a wind turbine work? Learn about the components inside of a wind turbine and how they each function and contribute to produce energy.


1,047 views September 21, 2020
Vestas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

At Vestas, we respect human rights wherever we are in the world. Indeed, we're moving the needle on human rights and are ready to take the next step, ...

398 views September 21, 2020
Vestas Guzmancito -INFOTEP

INFOTEP workshop on sharing knowledge about wind energy. The project has the participation of companies and institutions. 5000RPM NGO is the facilitat...

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24 views October 28, 2022
Video Guide How to Create ASN (Enterprise Account).mp4

Video guide on how to create ASN for Enterprise Accounts

39 views September 08, 2022
Supplier Registration Process (Mandarin).mp4

Supplier Registration Process (Mandarin)

38 views September 08, 2022
Supplier Registration - Portuguese Version.mp4

Supplier Registration - Portuguese Version

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8,749 views November 13, 2013
Lost Production Factor

A case study of lost production factor, illustrating the predictability and business case certainty provided by the 2 MW platform.

4,488 views November 12, 2013
SiteHunt® and SiteDesign®

Vestas siting services can help you evaluate potential wind sites and optimize the layouts of your wind power plants.

3,865 views November 12, 2013
Power Plant Solutions

An introduction to Vestas capabilities in project planning, procurement, construction and operation & maintenance.

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5,405 views April 10, 2015
Vestas: Wind. It means the world to us.

Wind. It means the world to us. At Vestas, wind is our business and our passion. It’s all we do. And all we’ve done since 1979 when we inst...

365 views November 03, 2022
COP27 | Bureaucrats Must Save the World

Global crises are not solved with charismatic speeches. The solution is right in front of us, and it is less sexy to say the least. To fulfill the pro...

5,199 views October 28, 2021
Cop26 Morten Dyrholm

Vestas is part of the initiative The Global Wind Energy Coalition for COP26, led by GWEC - a multi-stakeholder group of leading wind ...

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7,279 views February 24, 2021
Vestas Online

Vestas Online is your collection of digital Vestas applications, designed to help you make it easier and more pr...

7,104 views January 28, 2021
Vestas Parts & Repairs

The Vestas Parts & Repair offering is based on a world-class portfolio of service solutions that goes beyond Vestas to cover the largest wind turb...

462 views October 03, 2018
Shop.Vestas (Spanish)

Shop.Vestas is the leading global platform for ordering turbine spare parts, currently listing more than 85,000 items across brands.

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5,219 views July 06, 2020
Merging of quotes -

On Shop.Vestas, you can merge between 2 and up to 10 quotes on into one quote with a few just a few clicks.

263 views July 06, 2020
Product list - Shop.Vestas

Product list feature on Shop.Vestas enables you to create lists, add products and comments to list ongoingly as well as adding items from list to...

164 views March 27, 2018
如何: 再次订购产品


Events & Initiatives

331 views March 25, 2021
Webinar Recording Vestas Insights on Sustainability Part 1

Webinar from March 17, 2021. Welcome by Richard Baylis, VP Sales East & Business Development. Ft. Lisa Ekstrand, Global Head of Sustainability and...

160 views April 16, 2021
Webinar Recording Vestas Insights on Sustainability part...

Watch the webinar recording about Vestas insights on Sustainability. This is part 2. Welcome by Richard Baylis, VP Sales East & Business ...

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1,834 views March 22, 2017
Agios Georgios

This video presents the story of Agios Georgios wind park.

1,933 views December 21, 2015
First utility-scale wind farm in Jordan inaugurated

Vestas has installed and executed the Tafila wind farm, which will provide clean electricity for more than 150,000 Jordanians and displace 235,000 ton...

10,222 views May 14, 2013
Macarthur - Powering the Future

Beautiful documentary about Vestas' 420 MW Macarthur wind farm takes you on a 20 minute journey of our iconic project as it unfolded.

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1,490 views September 20, 2022
Power The Solution, 2022

200 views March 09, 2022

471 views March 09, 2022

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3,289 views June 20, 2011
Project Planning

Project siting is critical to optimising production. Site Assessment models evaluate the likely performance in both stable and unstable wind flows.

7,797 views June 20, 2011

In addition to validating the product design, verification testing is about examining the degree of compliance with customer expectations.

3,225 views June 20, 2011
Vestas Test Centre

In the Vestas Test Centre, real life conditions are replicated to subject designs to harsh tests.

Partnering - World of Wind

762 views June 21, 2011
Safety & Citizenship

Vestas pays much attention to safety for all employees as well as green energy and the environment.

891 views June 21, 2011
Cost of Energy

Vestas' commitment is to drive down the cost per kilowatt-hour produced.