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Vestas Rotor Upgrade

Rotor Upgrade increases the rotor size of a turbine, expanding the swept area of the turbine blades. This enables greater wind capture and higher ener...

2,647 views February 26, 2018
Vestas InteliLight® – Active Aviation Light...

Vestas InteliLight® delivers reliable activation of the aviation lights when needed while avoiding unnecessary continuous lightin...

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Vestas Anti-Icing System™

Vestas Anti-Icing System™ efficiently manages ice formation on blades during operation to maximise energy production. As part of Vestas’ portfolio...

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AOM 1000-3000

The AOM 1000, 2000 and 3000 service concepts offer different levels of service commitment.

991 views August 24, 2011
AOM 4000

The AOM 4000 service concept provides maximum uptime and increased performance.

8,079 views August 24, 2011
AOM 5000

The AOM 5000 service concept is a full scope contract with no risk of unforeseen maintenance costs.

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AOM Introduction

Vestas' Active Output Management concept ensures optimal service and maintenance.