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905 views November 26, 2021
Modularity - Modularised Nacelle

The EnVentus platform is the next generation of Vestas technology, building on and leveraging proven technology from the 2 MW, 4 MW and 9 MW platforms...

2,351 views November 23, 2021
Introducing V162-6.8 MW

Introducing the new V162-6.8 MW. Part of the Enventus platform. Learn more under Products

1,578 views September 28, 2021
EnVentus Platform

1,371 views September 07, 2021
EnVentus Final Installation

Prototype installation video

12,512 views February 09, 2021
Introducing the V236-15.0 MW offshore turbine

The V236-15.0 MW™ is built on proven, world-class technology and engineered for efficiency in offshore environments around the world....

1,442 views February 05, 2021
V174 Installation

1,090 views August 24, 2011
V100-1.8 MW

The V100-1.8 MW is optimised for onshore sites with low wind.