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100 GW of wind turbines under service

Combining smart data capabilities with unique operational and technical insights, Vestas now has more than 100 GW of capacity-under-service, reinforci...

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Vestas BladeCare™ - Drone Inspections

As part of Vestas BladeCare™, we offer advanced drone inspections, allowing you to inspect blades both faster and safer. Combined with an ins...

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Vestas Drone Inspections

Since 2016, Vestas and InspecTools have partnered in North America on drone inspections to reduce both inspection costs and safety risks.

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Covento brand video

Final version with subtitles

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Introducing PowerPlus

With the PowerPlus® programme, Vestas can increase a wind power plant’s energy production and efficiency through site-specific optimisation of oper...

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Covento by Vestas

Vestas aims to transform a fragmented renewable aftermarket into a simplified and connected digital journey. By creating a space for vetted buyers and...

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Covento by Vestas

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Vestas Multibrand

Leverage the diversity of your fleet by partnering with the world's leading multibrand service provider. Trusting Vestas as your service partner ...

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Celebrating 100 GW of wind turbines under service

Renewables are on track to become the foundation of the global energy system, and the service of wind turbines is consequently playing an ever-increas...

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The EnVentus platform is the next generation of Vestas technology, building on and leveraging proven technology from the 2 MW, 4 MW and 9 MW platforms...

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Rotor upgrade

Vestas Rotor Upgrade is an after-sale solution that consists in supplying and installing larger rotor and blades on operating wind turbines.

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Utopus Insights Corporate Video 2019

Utopus Insights is an independent energy analytics innovation leader. We deliver insightful software products that convert renewable energy sources in...